Monday, August 23, 2010

Hola Friends!

=Assalamualaikum wbt..(hehe,ramadhan kan..)='s been a while kan? Fuh,fuh, Berhabuk da (ayat standard) =P
Well it's been a slow bussiness lately since the chef a.k.a Nina started working as a lecturer. Yes,people, especially budak2 Dato' Onn, Nina a.k.a Irina Mohd Akhir is a lecturer now. Dulu kheja tuang sekolah ja. haha. Ok sambung, quite a few times asek kena reject order ja since she was busy with her work. (Real busy/menggelabah sebenaqnya kita xtau la kan..hihi.. )Especially the ones that came from Penang Island. Unfortunately, this order below that came from Nur Fadhilah Othman, was at the right time that Nina managed to spare some of her precious time utk buat these cupcakes below;

(errr,sorry bout the friendship spelling ya, xmuat nak letak d. ya,ya,i know, should have letak "frenship" instead)

Erk, sorry ya, ada 1 gmbaq ja. The chef mms 1 sahaja. As u all know la kan, we both long distance partners. Or is it u dont know? ok,take note then. Jangan pelik pasepa kena mms.
Anyhoo, Cik Nur Fadhilah Othman requested for friendship theme cupcakes with the colour pink n a pinch of red. How sweet kan for them to appreciate their friendship and celebrate without ada birthday event or anything, Means kalau ada birthday kawan dia ka, mesti mintak wish "hepi birthday" kat situ kan? Or like a fren leaving to oversea utk study, should ada "good luck" or something kan? hehe. pandai2 ja..just assuming ja. but if it's true, good for u guys!

"The better part of one's life consists of his friendship"
-Abraham Lincoln
p/s: So what r u waiting 4? pi la koling2 kwan2 ajak bukak posa sama2. =P
b.p Nina

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