Tuesday, September 21, 2010

E! News Asia

E! News Asia Top Story => Miss Nina (Baby!I never seen some1 wit ure body) is engaged!

Ok,not! Lek2, Noh Hujan xtunang lg la, jgan la bunuh diri. it's our chef la yg da tunang,woot2!
Here's the thing, We did cupcakes for some of the door gifts (xbuat semua coz, ada door gifts yg aunty sponsor). So the cupcakes are for sesapa yg xdpt door gifts makcik la. So, we did 50 only.
Alright ive uploaded some of the pics taken that day. Y'all just enjoy the pics k. mereben pnjg2 pon xguna kan. =)

The Back Drop.
(Nak kata mini pelamin cm xlyak je..hihi)

The Room.
(Looks calming ain't it?)

The Hantaran.
(Green/Silver vs White/Red)

The Couple.
(Padan x? Bole la kan..)

and last but not least...

The Cupcakes!!
(I personally love the look. Our ideas combined)
Cupcakes in Box with Ribbon.

And this is what happen when u eat to much cupcakes!!

Haha. Crazy couszies
Yeah, well that's all for now. bye2,muah!

Wanie & Nina

(mana leh xupload..hihi)

Will You Marry Me????

Senangkan omputih punya tunang?? Anytime, Anywhere...

Ok2,cakap pasal order tros..

This order we got from Miss Anis Azzira yang nak her cupcakes on the 15th Sept. It's for her E! news asia marion btol ke msok Islam neh?? ok,ok it's for her E!ngagement on the Malaysia day. And guess wat, Nina's E! is on the 18th. So we were like so damn busy yet Nina still accept her order. Y lah? bcoz.. Time Nina nak cakap kat dia yang we xleh accept, Miss Anis ni ckap dia mmg x browse cupcakes org lain dah coz she likes ours very much,lawa..(dia ckap eh). Muahahaha. Apa lagi teros kembang hidong,pungkoq semua and accept la.haha

(Sori ksha,kami tau ksha dok bengang cna leh accept time2 busy tuh..hee)

Anyway,enough talking..(eh, enough typing? reading? which 1 ah?) kita tgok pic tros aja lah.
Oh, btw, dia mintak theme pink roses design. Ini yang kami came out with..

Hahahaha! Sori la hgpa mesti pening tgok kan. I dont know what's wrong with these pics.. Bila upload je dok rotate kot len..haish..almost nak baling pc td dok geram.. Any bloggers out there penah jd cmni x? helpp!!!!
Anyway, tq anis coz suka cupcakes kami! Congrats on ure E!

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