Monday, May 31, 2010

More Pics!

Enjoy the pics people!
Ordered by dia ni lagi. Addicted dgn fondant dah.haha

Ordered by Zue. Kawan sepekerjaan di Pizza Hut dulu. Yes, both of us pnah keja Pizza!hehehe

Thanks Adik.

Ni diorder oleh a dearest school friend of us. Ktorg panggil dia Adik. Order ni untuk hantaran. kot. Or hadiah kawen. We're not so sure. Haha. Tapi bole je nak buat jadi either one pon. So, adik, thanks a bunch! Nnt order byk2 lg eh. hihi.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sorry Seems to Be Hardest Word...

Em..Em.. just nak inform (omg,takotnya), this blog is wanie's and mine. Mostly the posts were posted by her. eh, eh, ni wanie la nih..ok,mostly the posts were posted by me.hahaha!.. Pasal tula i'm like very excited and smangat promote blog. Some of u must be wondering kan? "Apahal kecoh sgt minah ni,bukan blog dia pon.." haha.Sorry tipu korg jap.Nina busy wat cupcake la. xd msa nak post2.huhu. But, this blog maintain to be as ninalicious cuppies coz nina still is the leading chef. Dia yg pagi ptg siang malam buat. i just helped her during weekends yg i balik. hehe. But we're thinking of changing the blog address tho. xp,later2 la pkiaq.

sorry again!

p.s: yes, post ni saya yg buat, yg ni pon, and last but not least, yg ni pon!..hahaha!

Wanie (woh,1st time)

When Stupidity Strikes!

Hi semua. It's been a while since this blog was last updated. Been into some hectic weekends lately. Yang utama skali is kak Isha's tunang. It was our first time handling and experiencing this sort of event as a host. It was fun, happy, love, enjoyable, kalut sana sini, tiring. Yes,all or them put together is how to explain the event was. So, dlm kekalutan yang amat sangat, that was when stupidity striked us both. LUPA nak amek gambaq cupcakes!!! Yes, for both hantaran AND the serve ones. Thank goodness for Kak Tuty, the cameraman of the day, oh, my mistake, cameraWoman of the day, took them. So here are the pics that we could get from her. Not actually get from her la, we stole from her mukabuku. hehehe..

Ni obviously is the hantaran. Sorry ni je yg dpt tunjuk...(grrrr)

These are cupcakes yg dihidangkan. Made by Wanie. Look delicious arent they?huhu

Ok, ni sempat nak nyelit pics of us three. hehe. Sisterhood of the Kuat Makan.

ksha naseb bek ada bunga nak cover..hehe

P.S: Mana xkuat makan, tengok la perot mamat dok tgah2 bwah ni..

Nina & Wanie

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mama's Day

These cute cuppies (haha) were ordered by Nina Natasha, Wanie's skul fren. It's for her dearest mum for mother's day. Aint that sweet? Kami dok la bake punya bake kat rumah, our mum sendiri kami forgot nak bagi. haha, sorry mummy! We love you always. Mummy pon dah xlarat nak mkan cuppies da kan? hikhikhik.. Ok back to Nina's mum, she told us that her mother likes the coulour red, so here's what we designed for her. Hope u & ur mother like them!

Love & Flowers = Mama (kan?huhu. tp gf pon macam bole je..haha)

Kek Cawan "Kacang"

Translation: Pnut's Cuppies. Bukan cupcake berkacang. Belum lg for that.

Hihi, Thank You to dear friend, Pnut. How was the designs & taste? Mak Pnut suka tak? Appreciate for ur honest comments dear!

People, enjoy the pics;

Mother's Day Theme : Mama Rawks

Monday, May 3, 2010

Real Crushed

Hmmmm..dissapointed gila dgn stevie gerard! i used to adore u yknow even tho ure not in my fave team. hish,low,so low.. buang masa aku jek,bek ak tgok aim lg bgos even tho ct's bju cm hape je. ttba ct kna,hehe,sory kak ct, gerard pnya psal. pi maki dia.

HoTtEsT MaMi (Lip Lap Lip lap)

Congratulations.. & Celebrations.. (nyanyi ramai2)

Hi semua. ok entry ni chek nak tulis dlm loghat penang. Psaipa? pasai entry ni chek nak cerita pasai kawan chek,dari darjah 1 sampi ke la. Nama dia Suraya...(nyanyi2) people call her Yaya ja. Hubby dia chek xtau la panggil dia apa. Honey Baby Sayang intan gunung payung la kot. Recently, Yaya bukak kedai called Mami's Choice = on the 1st Mei 2010 itu hari (yes2,smgt dia nih,org len cuti dia keja) But her kedai is in Ipoh. So, if org jauh yang rasa2 nak beli, can order thru email. refer to her blog for details. Kedai dia ni cute gilak! Jenama2 branded,Guess etc, xmen la Ah Ming Collections(reka).The girl's dresses are so cute! I mean, kalau anak chek pakai guess dress kecik2, she'll be thanking me for the rest of her life kot.(hope so) hikhik.

Mana gelang lip lap lip lap ya?

And these shoes, see how adorable they are? Adidas n Nike beb. Jangan men2.

This is our Mami's Mummy which is also a mami. dpt ni? haha (Eh,eh..Cupcakes sapa sesat kat situ,hikhik) about cupcakes,it's time for promoting my cuppies plak. hehe.Xdak la promote pa pon. nak tnjuk gmbaq ja. huhu. Ha ni Cuppies yang chek buat for the Yaya's big day. Dia pesan.

tak properly dalam kotak pasai dia nak hidang for the guests & frens that came that day. Suma makan laju kot.haha,ok perasan. eh,tp btoi..haha

Ok,chek done for now. jgan lupa singgah mai..singgah mai lg na.. ;P

P/S: Poyo ja chek2, pdhai xpakai pon in real life.

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